WSC Reservation FAQs


Do I need to add my children to my account?


No, you only need one account per family. We have disabled the function of adding family members for ease of use. One reservation represents a space on the pool deck for up to five people.

If I want to share a space with some of my member friends, do we need separate reservations?


No, you do not need separate reservations. One space is meant to accommodate up to five members (friends or family, up to member discretion).

What happens when a spot opens up if I'm on the waitlist for a reservation?


If you are on the waitlist, an email will automatically go out to you if a spot opens up. The email contains a link back to your reservation page and allows you to book the open spot. It is on a first come, first serve basis - the email goes to all waitlisted. The first to respond, will get the space.

How do I cancel a reservation?


Click on your name in the top right corner of the reservation homepage ( There is a drop down menu that will appear. Click “View Profile”. You will see all of your upcoming reservations here. Click “details” on the reservation you want to cancel. Scroll down to the bottom of the pop-up window that appears and you will see “cancel booking”. Click that button to cancel the reservation.
























I accidentally canceled my reservation - what should I do?


If there are still spaces available for that time slot, simply re-book the reservation. If there is a waitlist, this means the first person on the list will automatically get a notice about the opening with an opportunity to book. Please text Lauren Albarella at 513-344-8858 for assistance, but we cannot guarantee the reservation can be rebooked for that time.

Can I cancel a reservation after the time slot has begun?

No, unfortunately a reservation cannot be canceled on a member account once the time slot has begun. Please call the Front Desk (513-761-2535) and the reservation will be canceled on the administrative side of the system.

Can I make a reservation after the time slot has begun?

Yes, a reservation can be made once the time slot has begun (as of July 3rd).


If the pool doesn’t look very busy and I’d like to stay for the next session, can I do so? 


Check the reservation homepage ( to see if there are openings in the next session. If you have any questions about availability, see the Manager on duty. You may stay if there is availability. You can officially book a space to ensure you can keep it for the duration of the next session. If the session is fully booked, you may wait to see if all the spaces fill up before you go - but priority goes to reservation holders.


Can I book the baby pool if I don’t have a baby?


We are trying to reserve spaces around the baby pool for parents and caregivers with small children. However, if there remains two or more open spaces as the time slot approaches, you may book the space. This may be particularly applicable for the evening time slots.


If I have a baby that needs access to the baby pool, but I have a reservation within the main pool, can we use the baby pool?


Yes, you may use the baby pool. Your items will remain in a space that you reserved within the main deck. You can sit with your baby in the baby pool area as you need.


If I have a space within the baby pool, can my children access the main pool?


Yes, you may use the main pool. Your items will remain in a space that you reserved within the baby pool deck. You can sit with your children by the side of the big pool if they need supervision.


Do I need to reserve a space on the main pool deck and the baby pool if my children will be using both pools?


No, you only need one reservation. Whether you book the main pool deck or the baby pool is up to your preference and availability.