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You Are Invited to Refer a Friend!!

Wyoming Swim Club is the best swim club getaway that Wyoming has to offer whether you head to the club to lounge and socialize, swim laps, dive or cook-out!

Sign-up this summer, get a friend to join and you will receive $50 back on your 2022 WSC Membership!

2022 Membership Rates

Don't miss a minute of summer fun and all that the pool has to offer!

Prorated Memberships as of July 2nd:
Family: 603.68 (dues and tax)
Empty Nester: 366.52 (dues and tax)

*Associate Memberships are add-ons to Family Memberships.  These are for immediate family members over the age

of 21 or a Full-Time Caregiver.


**Empty Nester Memberships are available to those families who's youngest child is 18 years or older.

*** Senior Memberships are for those 60 years and older.

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