Membership and Pool Rules

Specific Requirements Related to Covid-19 (2021 Season)

  1. Masks - Masks will be optional for fully vaccinated members and guests and are STRONGLY recommended for non-vaccinated members and guests. Staff members will wear face coverings when working in the front desk area, but will not wear masks while guarding or working outside. 

  2. Checking In - We ask that you please mask as you enter and exit the Club through the clubhouse. We will have a "safe-distanced" setup to the entryway to avoid crowding, so separate entrance and exit halls will be used again this summer. We will not be performing health checks at the front desk but ask that you please not visit the Club if you are experiencing Covid-like symptoms.

  3. Set Up - Deck chairs will return to the pool deck for the season. Members are welcome to bring their own chairs if they would like and there will be designated BYOC (bring your own chair) areas. Safety partitions will remain up at the front desk and social distancing is still encouraged throughout the Club. Sanitizing wipes/spray will be available at the front desk 

  4. Reservations - As of 5/28/21 reservations will not be required.


All members and their guests must check-in at the front desk before entering the facility. Members and guests 16 and younger will receive a wrist swim band (see band details below).


Children’s Swimming Rules

  1. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by an adult or a designated babysitter age 15 years or older.

  2. Children 3 years of age and under are permitted in the roped off 2-foot area of the swimming pool only when accompanied in the water by an adult or babysitter. 

  3. All children in the baby pool area must be accompanied at all times by an adult or babysitter 15 years of age or older at all times; the adult/babysitter is fully responsible for the safety of the child at all times while in the baby pool area. 

  4. Children over 5 years of age are not permitted in the baby pool. Children under 15 years of age are not permitted on the premises after 6:00 pm unless accompanied by an adult member. 

  5. All persons under 18 years of age will be required to leave the pool for a 10 minute rest period each hour and for any other adult swim periods.

  6. Children MUST BE SUPERVISED for the unscheduled times that may fall between swim team practice and swim lessons.

  7. The baby pool is not open during swim meets, but may be opened by the pool manager or lifeguard during swim lessons and swim team practice for children 5 years of age and younger, if accompanied by an adult and with lifeguard supervision.

  8. YMCA Swim Tests are used to determine swimming skill level of members and guests age 16 years or younger. Only one swim test is required per season. Test results are kept on file at the front desk. Test may be re-done at any time, at the discretion of lifeguard or manager. Band details are below:


GREEN Wristband: Child may swim anywhere in the pool and dive well. Requirement: Child is able to swim the width of the pool, followed by the length of the pool (with competency) and tread water for 60 seconds. 


YELLOW Wristband: Child is allowed to swim alone in areas of the pool where he or she may stand and the water is no higher than shoulders. To swim in deeper water, the child must be accompanied in the water by an adult or babysitter. CHILDREN WITH YELLOW WRISTBANDS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE DIVE WELL, ON THE DIVING BOARDS or IN THE LAP LANES REGARDLESS OF PARENTAL SUPERVISION. 

Requirement: Child can swim the width of the pool. 


RED Wristband: Child is allowed in 2-foot area only, may not cross over rope to main pool area. Child must be within arms reach of an actively involved adult caregiver swimmer who is in the water with the child. CHILDREN WITH RED WRISTBANDS ARE NOT PERMITTED IN THE DIVE WELL, ON THE DIVING BOARDS or IN THE LAP LANES REGARDLESS OF PARENTAL SUPERVISION. 

Requirement: Child is over 3 years of age. 

Diving Rules

  1. Children must have earned a green wristband to go off the diving boards, swim in the dive well OR take diving lessons, regardless of parental supervision. 

  2. Only one person is permitted on the diving board at a time. 

  3. Only one bounce is permitted on the board before entering the water (diving or jumping).

  4. Users must jump or dive from the front edge of the diving board to ensure the safety of others. 

  5. Users must swim to the ladder nearest the diving board to exit the dive well. 

  6. Lifeguards may close the diving boards at their discretion to allow swimming in the dive well. 

  7. When the diving boards are closed, only forward dives and feet first jumps are permitted from the sides of the diving well. (No forward or back flips are permitted!). 

  8. Hanging onto or from the diving boards is not permitted at any time. 

  9. Rules 3 and 7 do not apply to registered divers on the Swordfish Dive team during  supervised dive practices and registered dive participants in WSC dive lessons. 


  1. All guests must be accompanied by a member, sign in at the front desk and pay the guest fee before entering the Club. 

  2. Each local guest may attend the facility no more than 3 times in a calendar month. 

  3. Daily guest fees are: $8.00 for children 3-17 years of age; $10.00 for 18 and older; Children 2 and under are free of charge. House guests (out–of–town guests visiting in the home of a member for more than 24 hours) may buy weekly passes good for seven consecutive days at a cost of $40.00/family. 

  4. The good conduct of guests is a direct responsibility of the sponsoring member. Any damage to club property caused by a guest is the responsibility of the sponsoring member. 

  5. Babysitters: Special conditions have been established for babysitters and caregivers of individuals with special needs. Babysitters must be 15 years of age or older and must pay regular guest fees if they are not members or associate members. Full-time babysitters (employed at least 30 hours per week) and caregivers of individuals with special needs may be considered as associate members. 

  6. Any member with extenuating circumstances regarding guests should contact

Health and Safety Rules (in addition to those specially noted above  as related to Covid-19)

  1. All persons using the pool do so at their own risk. 

  2. Parents are responsible for the conduct and safety of their children and their guests on the pool grounds. 

  3. Rude or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated on club premises at any time. Rude behavior includes: any behavior deemed by the manager and/or lifeguards on duty to be offensive to others and/or endanger their safety, and includes (but is not limited to): running, pushing and wrestling, roughhousing, spitting, use of profanity or foul language, and yelling or excessively loud behavior. Disrespecting the lifeguards or pool manager will not be tolerated. All members (adults and children) and their guests must abide by these rules. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their children abide by these rules at all times. Guests who fail to abide by these rules may be immediately banned from use of the club. 

  4. The pool manager and lifeguards may add or amend these rules as necessary for the health and safety of members and guests. 

  5. Standing or climbing on the picnic benches, tables, play sets, Ping-Pong table, or playhouse is not permitted. 

  6. The adult/babysitter is fully responsible for the safety of the child at all times while in the baby pool area. No children over the age or 5 are permitted in the baby pool. 

  7. Damage to Club property by a member or guest of a member will be charged to the responsible member. 

  8. The Club is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property. 

  9. The Manager or lifeguard may refuse admission or expel from the water anyone with skin abrasions, bandages, infections, inflamed eyes, coughs or colds, or any other condition deemed to present a risk to the health or safety or other swimmers. 

  10. All injuries occurring within the confines of the pool or on the ground must be reported immediately to the pool manager for treatment or first aid.

  11. Children in diapers and/or those who are not toilet trained must wear Swim Diapers under bathing suits in the adult and baby pool.

  12. Expectorating and nose blowing in the pool are prohibited. 

  13. No floatation devices (excluding pool-owned kick boards and diving rings) are permitted in the water except on Friday Fun Nights and other board approved events. Any toys or objects which the pool manager or lifeguard considers dangerous are not permitted. This includes all metal or rigid plastic toys.

  14. Glass bottles are not permitted in any pool area


Additional Safety Rules

  1. No alcoholic beverages may be brought onto the club premises, except at Board approved functions.  At no time may alcoholic beverages be brought onto the club premises or consumed by members or guests who are not at least 21 years of age, in accordance with state law.

  2. No food or beverage may be taken out on the cement deck area, except under the canopy.

  3. Littering is not permitted.  Members are expected to dispose of their trash in the trash containers.

  4. Smoking is not permitted on club grounds or property.

  5. Radios, music players, etc. may only be used with headphones.

  6. Pets are not allowed in the pool area.

  7. Members shall drive and bicycle carefully and SLOWLY on the driveway and parking areas.

  8. Bicycles shall be parked in designated areas only.

  9. At least one lap lane will be available at all times for adults only.

  10. The pool manager may reserve an area of the pool for individual instructions during normal pool hours.​